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A Phantom Voice: Prologue
Prologue: Dawn

"Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.”

-Party Slogan, 1984.
“The Fifth leader of Lemuria PKE, Director Rod!”
The Grumpig waddled off the podium. In his place, a tall, spindly man in a dark suit limped on the stage. His face was smooth, like a mask, and his head was crowned with receding, graying hair. Light glinted off his prosthetic, steel right arm. He surveyed the crowd with unblinking green eyes.
The auditorium was a sea of black. There were thousands of chairs. From a balcony just above the entryway, a camera broadcasted the speech to the uninvited lower orders. Even the Pokemon paid their respect, a Bayleef in the front row wrapped a black scarf around his neck and a scizor in the center of the auditorium draped a black cloak. They threw twitchy glances and shifted in their seats. With the new leadership, their futures were uncertain. 
A line of flags ran along the walls of the
:iconcatequin:Catequin 2 30
A New Rival
“He said his daughter, May, is at Route 103. So, just a bit further…” I wiped sweat off my forehead. “Ugh, this Pokemon-trainer-thing is so much harder than they—Hey! Don’t touch that, Garret!”
The torchic stopped, its beak inches away from a bush, one that probably harbored more of those murderous fiends. It hopped away and stopped at my feet. Garret bowed its head in what I assumed to be great shame.
“No, no. Don’t worry. I’m not mad at you.” I screwed my face into what I hoped to be a warm smile. “It’s just that this whole Pokemon journey is kind of getting to me.”
Garret cocked its head. I sighed. Fine, maybe it was not ashamed at all. 
At a superficial level, Route 103, which lay just past Oldale town, looked rather idyllic. Sun was out, lots of trees and grass, and the Nincada cried out with their eerie, screeching sounds. Of course, I would’ve agreed… if I hadn’t actually h
:iconcatequin:Catequin 2 16
A Party Unremembered! (Secret Santa Gift)
A silence fell over the Christmas party of four. Even the courageous and mighty Banda the Garchomp had been rendered dumb. The obnoxious rendition of “Jingle Bells” seemed miles away.
There it was, on the counter, the same counter that held the punch and pizza. It was the color of  rust with a black head. A pair of antennae, almost as long as its body waved about. On the counter was one of the most ghastly vermin in the animal kingdom.
A cockroach.
What was such a horrid thing doing here—At this time of year? Eiko the Pupitar hopped away, her eyes narrowed in disgust. No one had any idea, where it had come from. Eiko thought she saw it squeeze through a tiny, tiny hole in the wall. Banda thought he saw it emerge out from under the couch. But, only one thing was certain: such vile things belonged in some third rate hotel or butcher shop, not the Chiba Pokeumans base.
Eiko, like the other three partiers stared. 
And stared.
And stared.
The cockro
:iconcatequin:Catequin 1 7
Pokeumans Writing Prompts List!
Hey guys!

Ever wanted to write something for the gallery, but have no idea where to start? Need a way to spice up a dull story?
Look no further - here’s a list of a whopping 86 prompts (And counting!) to spark some inspiration! Next time you’re feeling stuck, feel free to look use any element of these prompts for your work, however you like. 
Have any shocking new ideas of your own? Go ahead and add in your ideas for writing prompts in the comments section!  
So, without further ado!
A transforming Pokeuman in a very remote area has been found and picked up by non-brainwashed humans.  What happens?
A brand-new medical treatment that can dramatically increase a person's physical and mental abilities is developed, but is very hard to produce, has nasty side effects, and only works for a few days.  Wh
:iconcatequin:Catequin 4 27
Guide to the Pokeuman Universe
Welcome! Are you interested in exploring the world of Pokéumans? Here are a bunch of details to help you write about the Pokéumans universe: what Pokéumans are capable are, how society runs, and so on.
Note that this is not a definitive guide on how to write a Pokéumans spinoff, nor is this the actual set of rules, but rather a simple reference to establish some common facts that characterize the Pokéumans universe. If you wish to deviate, please  send a note to or comment to the group and the admins will judge whether said idea is acceptable. 
The Pokéumans version is here, the Pokéxtinction version is here, but for those who need a
shortened version:Pokéumans used to live on Earth a long time ago.
Humans came in. Pokéumans and humans lived together, and occasionally had children through humanising rings.Something happened (wh
:iconcatequin:Catequin 11 79
A Correspondence
Diana Harmon, Junior Elite of the PRT, leaned into the swivel chair. The Blaziken’s avian head rolled back and she let out a long, whistling sigh.
Another day, another mission completed. She and her partner, Bethany, had fed asphalt to another group of faceless black-clothed men and liberated a pile of gemstones for their base.
It had been five years since she was brought to the Pokéuman base, four since she joined the PRT. It seemed the best choice for someone like her. No need to think. Just punch in some faces, rescue some kids, and smile for the camera after a mission well done.
Oh how wrong she had been…
Except for the “smiling for the camera” bit. The whole thing felt like one big popularity contest at times. Sabotaging and backstabbing just so one could advance a rank was depressingly common. For every transformee she rescued, there was a dozen more that had been taken by the black-clothed fiend. It was and endless uphill battle. Even worse was the f
:iconcatequin:Catequin 4 12
Requiem to a Pizza
Okay, just have to knock on the door, say something like “pizza delivery,” and then take the money. Not so hard.
Matt Miller, the pizza guy, took a deep breath in before he unlatched the van door and dropped out onto the street. He had been in the business for a scant few weeks. He had spent the entire time behind the register and now, his manager, Eddie, thought it best he got a taste of the “outside world.”
The 19-year old was quite lanky, as if someone who was at least a foot shorter than he had been somehow stretched out. He kept his blonde hair in a crew-cut beneath his red, company baseball cap.
He had always been an “average joe.” Almost to a tee. Average high school, average grades, average athletics, zero artistic talent or creativity. It had been pretty obvious he couldn’t compete with the “real geniuses,” so rather than trying to pursue a doomed and worthless college degree, he had jumped for the first “help
:iconcatequin:Catequin 5 25
Alone in the Desert (IU)
“Stupid hunk of junk!”
Sarah Campbell the Gallade, was not usually one to raise his voice, but even he had his limits.
A swat at the rusted-over hood of the car and it gave off a hollow clank. It had barely gone fifteen miles before it sputtered and, like a particularly stubborn and exhausted mule, refused to go any further. Stupid, stupid, stupid. When they had given him a car, he should’ve suspected that it was too good to be true.
No, no! Calm down! I have a job to do. A couple deep breaths. This was the mission he had been waiting for for a while, a full 40 points. Just thinking about it made him giddy. he would finally get his human form back…
But before any of his dreams could be realized, a trip through the desert… the aptly named “Death Valley,” on foot, with only a 15L bottle of water and a hat. At least the latter looked kind of good on him…
With a frustrated groan, Sarah tore his eyes from the car and began his tr
:iconcatequin:Catequin 0 5
Tip of the Iceberg (IU)
I heard that the leaders of other bases liked to show off with gilded doors made of gold or silver and studded with gemstones. The more muted types preferred solid oak with intricate carvings. Most would heap mountains of metal on guards and set them to stand to either side like ogling statues.
But Commander Rita said, “gold tarnishes.” She got a drab, gray, wooden door with Tundra’s symbol, a pair of outstretched wings, stamped onto it. 
Whatever the reason for this summon, it had better be good. 
I had just been sitting down for lunch with some colleagues when the intercom called. It was going to be the best lunch in months, tomato soup. Someone had managed to bribe Boris, the chef, into serving something that was not cardboard flavored. To miss such a special occasion…
I sucked in a breath of air before I lightly tapped on the door.
“Enter.” Came a low, feminine voice.
The office beyond the door was just as austere as the outside.
:iconcatequin:Catequin 0 3
Prisoner's Carnival (IU)
Is this the right place?
The run down warehouse looked more like a hangout for a local gang than a Pokeuman rendezvous point. Its windows were boarded up; its walls covered with graffiti; and the roof had a large chunk torn off. A white delivery truck lay upturned right in the middle of the parking lot. While the front of the truck was smashed to resemble a crinkled soda can, the barely readable license plate belonged to the missing agents.
An icy gust of wind carried flecks of snow. I pulled my coat tighter around my body, careful not to cut the sleeves with my arms. This particular hill, while it gave me a great view of the warehouse, left me completely exposed to the weather. Even trying to angle myself behind a pine tree hadn’t helped much. 
I threw a glance in all directions, more to kill time than to actually see anything and rested my side against the tree. For what felt like the millionth time, I cursed the big, red spike running through my chest.
Hopefully, h
:iconcatequin:Catequin 1 10
Just Another Day (IU)
“So… just for clarification.” I set down the tea cup. “You are sending me into a labyrinth which is, I quote, ‘full of deadly traps, distractions, and even several brainwashed clones’ in order to capture some of the most deadly PKU members.”

“And I am not given any sort of weapon or other means of self-defense for this assignment other than a pocketknife because I ‘do not have enough points.’”
Priscilla leaned back in her chair. “When playing their games, we need to play by their rules.”
“Can you at least give me a gun? A non-laser one that does not defile any of the rules?”
“Those things kill.” She smirked. “You read the flier, right? No corpses. I am holding you to that.”
“You make me sound like a serial killer.”
“At Oudong-”
“He had his freaking nails up against my neck!”
The only response I got was a long si
:iconcatequin:Catequin 1 12
Kemuri to Kagami: Epilogue
Epilogue: Kouhaku and Priscilla
I crumpled the newspaper into a ball and threw it into the trashcan. Over the past four days, I read the same article over and over. It was time to move on. No matter how many times I read, it just said the same thing.
It had been a over a week, nine days, since I had left the Abano Lodge. Four days after the crime, the police discovered and inspected the scene.
The “Abano Lodge Massacre” was milked for all it was worth. Words such as “gruesome,” “mysterious” and “impossible” kept cropping up. It was a clean lodge, all the guests were missing or murdered. 
Paul was among the missing. Alison had been pretty adamant about cleaning up all that silvery blood from the carpet and taking the body with us.
Surprisingly enough, both Nora and Bruce were found. Bruce’s body was strewn alongside Adam’s corpse in the hallway of the third floor, dead by the same electricity that most of the others
:iconcatequin:Catequin 2 14
Kemuri to Kagami: Chapter 9
Chapter 9: Farewell
It was him.
It was so clear now. He knew the staff died from electrical burns and he tried to frame Bruce.  His expression… when he discussed the murders, was like a cat about to pounce on a wounded bird.

Soon, I would be the only one alive in the lodge other than him.
I needed to go warn Adam and Alison, try to save their lives, but…
A loud boom of thunder suddenly shook the lodge, echoing off the walls. It sounded remarkably close almost as if…
As if it were indoors. 

I took another look at Garret’s face. His eyes were closed… and his expression vacant. He looked as if he were sleeping.  
A loud crackling, just like embers from a fire, came from the top of the stairs. It grew louder as it spiraled down. Glancing up, I saw a faint blue glow.  My hand went into my pocket. I clasped the small, pen-like item. Bruce’s spray can…

I grabbed the railing and pulled myself to
:iconcatequin:Catequin 3 8
Kemuri to Kagami: Chapter 8
Chapter 8: Tattered Marionette
The door clicked open and dull yellow light filled the room. I squinted at the looming shadow quivering at the threshold.
A gun was pointed at me…
It came to finish me.
It lowered the gun down to its hips.
What is it waiting for?
The silhouette surged forward.
“..aid…r…ou…k.” Its voice was distant, like someone speaking from the bottom of a well.
“Uh…” My tongue did not move, as if it was too big for my mouth.
It nodded slowly and it vanished back into the glowing portal.

It reappeared by the bed with something in her hand… Something shiny and pointy…
It grabbed my upper arm and raised the hand with the object in the air.
I closed my eyes. I really preferred the gun.
A sharp pain ran down my arms. Tingles ran along my spine and warmth spide
:iconcatequin:Catequin 1 5
Kemuri to Kagami: Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Confessions

My everything…
Searing hot needles snaked under my skin. My whole body was on fire. The incessant pounding was working on splitting my head in half. Even thinking hurt.
I was still alive…
Sensations slowly filtered in. A soft, fluffy cushion below and a layer of what felt to be cloth above. 
I was in a bed. 
There was rhythmic clinking of what I presumed to be something hitting glass or ceramic. The pounding worsened.
I cracked my eyes open. Popcorn ceiling and an overcompensating lightbulb. Just like I remembered. The quaintness of the room was oddly soothing. Before all these murders started, I had once wished that this lodge would end up nothing more than a dream. Hilarious.
I tried to move a hand to my face.
I sucked in a breath as a massive stab of pain shot through my arm.  
“Don’t move.” Came a masculine voice. “You’ll only hurt yourself more.”
:iconcatequin:Catequin 2 5
Kemuri to Kagami: Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Tempest
I rounded the cliff face and… and… 
Bodies were strewn across the field like scattered leaves.
Most wore sleek, black jumpsuits, like out of a spy movie. A few had uniforms, like the police officer that was sprawled out over a rock and the trio of deliverymen. What they all had in common was the dark liquid pooling beneath them. Holes, lacerations, and missing chunks of flesh dotted their bodies.
The one that lay closest stared at me, his mouth hanging open like a fish and his eyes so wide that they might pop out of his sockets. A charred hole burned its way right through his neck and chest. He wore a standard green uniform of the company that had the black cat on the side of their trucks. His youthful face showed that he was just out of adolescence, not much older than a high school student, still much older than me…
His unfocused eyes met mine. Life slipped away much faster than the blood flowing out of him.
A scream rose in my
:iconcatequin:Catequin 2 5

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The Searcher Arc 1: Monochrome- Chapter Four
“What have you done?!”
Of all the things Sylvia was hoping Toren would say to make her situation a bit better, this was not one of them. 
She didn’t want to have to explain everything again, so the Espurr sipped some Oran juice and waited for her roommate to stop spluttering and form actual words.
“What have you done?!”
And there it was again. Holy Mew, didn’t he have anything else to say? Any advice to offer? Sylvia sighed, trying to fight the part of her mind that wanted to only focus on the little food she had forced herself to take. Or to lose herself in thinking about Min- about what she had seen and heard during gym class. But common sense won, and here she was, fighting the urge to let her thoughts drown everything out for the sake of good advice. 
Although it seemed like Common Sense was about to give up, mostly because the ‘good advice’ seemed to be the repetition of the same thing she’d been asking herself. Namel
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free character cameos, whoa [No, Really]
I have a shiny new Pokeumans story that the Skype chat has been pestered about near-constantly, sorry guys! I was wondering if anyone might be interested in some cameos in that, so here we are.
:bulletblue: A cameo is when your character gets to feature in someone else's story - in this case, mine. Cameos are often done as trades between people, but in this case, there is no trade. You will be credited in the story's description for any and all chapters your character appears, so this is pretty much free publicity/fic feat. your characters.
:bulletgreen: All cameos will take place in a virtual sim. Pokeuman, Pokextinctionist, and regular human characters are all completely fine to enter it, and can enter from anywhere. It is advertised as a game in bases and an underground drug or alternative therapy in the regular human world; bear this
:iconspoonerdog123:spoonerdog123 1 54
Ladyboy!!! by xXunovianXx Ladyboy!!! :iconxxunovianxx:xXunovianXx 17 13 609 - Chandelure by PokeStampsDex 609 - Chandelure :iconpokestampsdex:PokeStampsDex 182 0




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Greetings, fair viewer. I am Catequin (or perhaps just Cat) the Great Knight of Snark. I fancy myself a hobbyist writer of at least moderate skills. Most of my work will be for the illustrious Pokéumans group... though maybe a miracle will grace us every once in a while.

That's... about all I have, come to think of it.

Writers Stamp by shadow-wolf-haunts I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo

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Aristomenes by SirvanaRachana Snarky by WaywardSoothsayer Sarcasm. by starlined ''NEKO-CHAAAAAAAAAN'' by Mintaka-TK Sometimes, I repeat myself, so what? by FluffyFerret97

Maybe I will learn how to draw... someday...


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